Wastewater Services
Kiwi Pioneer Co Ltd is a design company specialising in ecological wastewater systems. There are a range of ecological systems such as worm based systems (vermi culture), humus beds, wetlands and eco trenches. Using living aerobic ecological systems has the following advantages:
  • The by product is usually humus (compost) for the garden;
  • Treated water can be used for irrigation;
  • Either non powered (passive) or minimal power requirements e.g. a dosing pump

Wastewater Design Process

The Design Process

The wastewater design process is typically:
  1. Meeting you onsite and conducting a site and soil inspection;
  2. Scope out options in terms of what's feasible at your site and consentable against regional rules;
  3. Preparing a design report for the system chosen and preparing an assessment of environmental effects if resource consent is required;
  4. Including a design producer statement and maintenance manual for the designed system;
  5. Facilitating the wastewater application through lodging to approval with council.
  6. Supervision of the wastewater system installation - if required.

Why use a wastewater designer?

Why Wastewater Design
1. Impartial: Kiwi Pioneer Co. is independent. We do not try to sell you a system rather we recommend the system most applicable to your site in line with your preferences.

2. Experience: Kiwi Pioneer Co. has done wastewater designs in every part of the South Island. All have been consented by the local council authorities.

3. Customer Focus: Onsite wastewater design requires a customer focused approach as every client and every site is different. We want to know what you want.